Complete New Office IT Setup In Vietnam

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New office IT Setup Solutions

Creating a fantastical new mental office environment is an exciting notion. However, it might cause a lot of worry and uncertainty if you don’t know the basics for carrying it out properly. VenturaOS has an experienced staff ready to help Vietnam companies with every aspect of their office’s new IT infrastructure. We provide advice, draft a strategy, and organize a workplace tailored to your specific needs in terms of IT infrastructure.

Our team has extensive experience with setting up office IT in a variety of Vietnam locales. Whether you need assistance with IT setup for a new office in Vietnam or need help modifying your existing office space, we can easily tailor our designs to meet your specific requirements.

IT Setup Solutions for New Office

  • Desktop support (MAC/Windows)
  • System management check
  • Disk clean
  • Antivirus and malware
  • Email security and management
  • Servers and attached storage
  • Telephone Systems (PBX)
  • Server Back up
  • Data Restore
  • Telephone Equipment’s

For New IT Office Setup

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New office IT Infrastructure Setup & Support

Step 1:

IT Infrastructure Consultation

First, we do a complete inventory of your various means of transmission. Our team will meet with you in Vietnam and document your IT infrastructure needs, assess the space, and recommend a course of action for your new office’s IT setup.

Step 2:

Structured Cabling Solutions

It is crucial to outfit your new firm with the proper data cabling and equipment. Your company’s IT infrastructure, which includes servers, PCs, wireless routers, network switches, routers, printers, telephone systems, and FAX machines, must function without a hitch if business is to continue as usual. You can rely on our team to help you map out, design, and implement the cabling infrastructure for your business. With VenturaOS, you may get help with your structured cabling needs.

Step 3:

Internet and Phone Communication Systems

Our team works closely with Du and Etisalat to tailor our recommendations for your business’s communication needs. We have accounted for any potential expansion in the near future in our plans. We have IP-PBX solutions built into the VenturaOS infrastructure, so you can meet all of your needs with reliable, high-quality communication.

Step 4:

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Problems with the office’s Wi-Fi network are probably a daily occurrence, and they’re probably reducing productivity. Each and every part of your office space will be seamlessly linked together by our strategically placed Wi-Fi equipment. With VenturaOS’s infrastructure, you and your employees, as well as your clients and business associates, can maintain a constant two-way flow of information and communication.

Step 5:

Security Solution Implementation

The long-term success of your business depends on your ability to implement effective security measures. Our team has the resources necessary to create a security strategy that meets all of your needs and creates a secure, productive setting for your staff. If you have any other security needs down the road, we’ve got you covered there, too, beyond the first installation.

Step 6:

Backup Solution Implementation

When it comes to securing your data and preventing its loss, nobody knows how important it is than our staff. With our data backup approach, we make sure your data is always safe and secure, even if your infrastructure is compromised or destroyed. Our products guarantee full restoration after any kind of disaster.

Step 7:

Testing Your New Office Network

On Day One, our experts will be onsite with your staff to answer any concerns and troubleshoot any networking issues. After the cabling has been installed, our crew checks to make sure the access points are in the right places. In addition, it guarantees that all telephone lines are linked correctly and that all internet and telecommunications services are functioning (such as call-forwarding, FAX, etc.) Issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and speed are fixed before a full transfer to your communication providers.

Step 8:

Equipment Set-up

VenturaOS  is an authorized reseller of all types of office equipment, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, copiers, printers, and a variety of other office machines. Our products are authentic and available at cheap pricing. Before the equipment is installed, it will first be matched to your specifications to ensure a perfect fit.

Step 9:

Cloud Subscriptions and Business Collaboration Integrations

The solutions provided by CytberSpeed also encompass domain hosting and email intrusion detection systems. We exclusively collaborate with authorized partners such as Microsoft, Google, and Cisco so that we can give you access to high-quality services at pricing that are affordable.

Step 10:

IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Through our specialized AMC services, the VenturaOS team offers ongoing assistance for any and all future IT difficulties, even after all of your IT equipment has been installed and put into use.