Managed IT Support

Managing your IT systems and providing expert managed IT support to keep your business up and running  24/7.

Managed IT Support in Vietnam

Managed IT services, such as VenturaOS‘s IT System Monitoring, IT Infrastructure, Outsourced IT Support, IT Helpdesk, and Employee IT Education, are available to Vietnam, VIETNAM-based enterprises thanks to VenturaOS. Each of our clients receives tailor-made IT support that we administer on their behalf.

Our managed IT services are also driven by our dedication to preventative maintenance. We monitor your network around the clock, looking for problems. VenturaOS also places a premium on keeping in close touch with each and every one of our customers, providing regular system upgrades and responding quickly to your needs.

Get Managed IT Support in Vietnam

We create value across the IT spectrum through deploying innovation, structuring transformation and unlocking growth for your company.

What Is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support encompasses a wide range of services, including routine checks, fixes, and upgrades to a company’s computers, servers, and networks. Before, many businesses would engage an external IT support company on an as-needed basis when an issue arose.

On the other hand, managed IT service providers will charge your business a monthly fee in exchange for constant assistance, monitoring, and a dedicated help desk. Included in our managed IT services is VenturaOStraining for all of our staff members. When it comes to providing vital IT support and integrating cutting-edge technology, you can rely on the expertise of our managed IT support professionals.

What Does A Managed IT Service Provider Do?

Companies that offer managed IT services are responsible for ensuring the continuous operation of your technology. VenturaOS‘s computers, servers, and network hardware will be supported on-site with this package. Operating system patch management, full cloud IT platform support, disaster recovery and backup services, regular maintenance, and cyber security and anti-virus solutions are also available. Our engineers will make regular visits to your location to handle any problems or requests for adjustments.

By combining our cutting-edge Service Desk Ticket Management System with our Service Level Agreement, we are able to provide your business with the most effective IT services possible (SLA). We are dedicated to providing knowledgeable managed IT support to all of our customers, regardless of their company size.

Benefits Of Managed IT Support For Business?

There is a wide range of IT support services that can be offered by managed service providers. The cost of employing a full-fledged in-house staff is high, especially if they are responsible for cyber security and cloud support in addition to monitoring internal networks and systems. Managed IT service can give your business access to IT experts at a reduced price. Managed service providers fill the void between in-house IT departments and one-off IT specialists.

Our track record of reliability is an additional benefit to your firm. Instead of paying a hefty sum every time there’s an issue, you’ll pay a fixed amount per month that’s guaranteed to cover any costs associated with our SLA. Potential time savings can also be realized through the use of managed IT services. Our proactive monitoring allows us to identify and fix issues before they escalate, saving valuable time and effort.

Is Managed IT Support Outsourcing?

Managed IT support and outsourcing are very similar. Contracts and SLAs are concluded in different ways. You may find that certain IT outsourcing companies are unwilling to enter into a contract with you and prefer to handle disputes on an as-needed basis. Managed IT service providers, on the other hand, will sign a contract outlining their service standards and your responsibilities. Managed IT services can either work in tandem with or take the place of in-house IT departments.

When you need help with your computer systems, VenturaOSis there for you.