Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

We partner with a wide range of vendors, including Acronis and VMware to provide the finest backup solution possible, and we also provide data backup and recovery services and solutions.


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services in Vietnam

Organizational data security is essential to every company’s long-term survival. The consequences of data loss might be disastrous, resulting in lost revenue and potentially terminating the contract. There is no way around the fact that data will be lost if a hard drive fails. Consider data backup as part of a comprehensive security plan for your business.

The first step in managed disaster recovery is to pinpoint and lessen these dangers. The risk of losing access to mission-critical data and resources is only one manner in which your business model might be compromised and undermined by a disaster. Maintaining your credibility, client retention, and brand value requires a Managed Disaster Recovery service that you can count on in the event of an emergency.


Data Backup Services in Vietnam

Any backup is only as reliable as its ability to restore business data and applications when they are needed most. We do provide all Backup Solutions in Vietnam for Data Backup.

  • Continuous Data Backup
  • Offsite Protection
  • File Versions
  • Unlimited  PCs
  • Supports Business Applications
  • Security
  • Central Management
  • Remote  Administration
  • Local Archiving
  • Compression
  • Compliance

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Services

Data Backup Services in Vietnam

With our state-of-the-art Data Centre infrastructure, backup and advanced Disaster Recovery services, your business-critical data are secure both physically and digitally.

Reduced Downtime

Our Disasters Recovery Solutions and Co-location services minimize downtime and keeps your business up and running.

Customized Solutions

As Vietnam leading Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service Providers, we offer tailored solutions.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster, businesses can recover mission-critical applications with the help of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions. High availability and compatibility are guaranteed with Disaster Recovery solutions. As a business continuity service provider, we provide you the freedom to choose how your company may best stay prepared for any eventuality by utilizing the most cutting-edge and adaptable tools available.