Access Control System In Vietnam

When it comes to providing a secure environment for your business in Ho Chi Minh, we are your go-to source for an effective access control system. Modern and affordable, our access control system solutions are second to none.

Biometric Access Control System Vietnam

Companies in Vietnam who care about their employees’ safety and well-being should install a biometric access control system. Access control systems are also helpful for managing large groups of people smoothly and effectively. Assist businesses in providing a higher level of customer service and ensuring the safety of their clients at all times.

A biometric access control system is a critical investment for any business that values its employees’ safety and the safety of its customers. Controlling who enters and leaves your building is a breeze with an access control system designed just for your needs. We at VenturaOS are aware of how important it is for you to have this kind of information, which is why we offer such a comprehensive suite of Access Control system services.

Door access control system in Vietnam

From simple, single-door standalone systems to more complex, fully-featured integrated solutions for managing access to a network of buildings, we have you covered in Vietnam.

Our access control software will be used to offer the relevant security staff complete authority over the situation. We also offer a method whereby a single program can manage a thousand doors across a TCP/IP network. In other words, hotels and other large commercial buildings can benefit from it. We also provide electronic access control for sliding and swing doors, as well as IP-based access control solutions with magnetic locking.

VenturaOS’s access control solutions in Vietnam have been used by thousands of satisfied customers. VenturaOS offers the widest variety of smart card technologies, from pioneering systems like Prox to cutting-edge alternatives, for quickly and easily unlocking doors, gates, and more. An access control system is able to identify, authenticate, and authorize individuals or groups of people by evaluating their login credentials. These credentials can include passwords, PINs, biometric scans, security tokens, and other factors. To add an extra layer of security, access control systems often use multifactor authentication, which calls for three or more distinct authentication methods.


RFID Access Control System

Having an RFID access control system installed can be a quick and easy fix. Each RFID badge’s imbedded electronic information can be rewritten multiple times, and they can be read from considerably further away than with other older technologies. Because of the longer range of the reader, other tracking devices, such as surveillance cameras, can be triggered in response to the presence of an employee. Further, RFID badge readers support simultaneous reading from a number of cards. Databases make it simple and efficient to record and preserve information on employees’ access, attendance, and the completion of their assigned tasks.

In Ho Chi Minh, an RFID-based access control system is in use.
To meet the ever-increasing demand for robust security and safety measures, businesses across the globe are implementing new security policies and procedures. Cars are both essential to daily life and extremely vulnerable, making it essential to keep detailed records of where and when vehicles are parked and moved. In addition, automated systems are favored because of the excellent level of performance they provide while requiring less human monitoring, which helps reduce the likelihood of errors caused by human operators.

RFID-based parking management systems that restrict car access. In order to implement our solution, we needed a Boom Barrier, a Controller, and an Access Management system in addition to smart card access or UHF (long-range) access control. Visitors’ parking management software and building management software are linked by UHF tags on their vehicles, which are read by a long-range reader from up to 12 meters away.


Turnstile Gates in Vietnam

When it comes to regulating entry, verifying tickets and boarding passes, and managing access for workers and guests, turnstyles and speed gates provide effective pedestrian barriers that equip facilities with the greatest level of protection. Integrated electronics, anti-panic features, and industry-standard access control administration software are all part and parcel of the pedestrian access control solutions we offer in Vietnam.

It’s not always easy to locate security devices that manage to successfully combine design with innovation. Modern turnstile gates are installed in several of Ho Chi Minh most recognizable structures. Turnstile gates are a common sight in public spaces like lobbies, airports, government buildings, and corporate and academic campuses.

  • Space efficient security barriers with a compact design
  • Bi-directional passage control
  • Inbuilt anti trailing design, it locks automatically & avoids it rotating back
  • Durability with minimal maintenance
  • Easy installation & easy to incorporate with existing systems

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Web-based Access Soft supports the following features:

  • Access Grant Time
  • Extended Grant Access Time.
  • Manage credentials – Enroll, Activate, Deactivate and set expiry date
  • Support of hybrid Cards and Formats (HID/Custom).
  • Escort visitor functionality.
  • Create Doors and Door Groups.
  • Create Holidays and Schedules.
  • Create Access Group and Credentials.
  • Access Methods (combination of card, pin and biometric)
  • Anti-Pass Back Setting.
  • Multi-man functionality for high secure areas.
  • Elevator Access Control – Create Floor groups and schedules
  • Fire Alarm Integration – Create fire alarm zones
  • Input/output device integration
  • Scalability for CCTV integration
  • Real-time events and alarm monitoring with GUI.
  • Sophisticated reports.
  • Device status notification and Self-diagnostic service and many more
  • customization options available on request